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DICO Products Corp. line of buffing products are ideal for brightening jewelry and silverware, cleaning golf clubs and ornamental hardware, restoring antiques and motor vehicles, sharpening tools and cutlery......etc. If it's finishing, our products make it shine.

With over 102 years experience in the Metal Finishing Industry we are proud to be able to provide our customers with the quality products and service they've come to expect from DICO Products Corp.


Dico Nyalox Brushes

Nyalox - Nylon Abrasive Brushes last up to 10 times longer than wire Brushes.
• Maintains shape & will not rust.
• Will not shed bristles under normal conditions.
• Abrasive grit is impregnated throughout each bristle.
• Each grit is conveniently color-coded for easy identification.
• Safer to use, will not puncture skin.

Ideal For
• Removing paints, corrosion, weld scale, surface rust & burns from metals.
• Prepare plastic, fiberglass, & rubber surfaces for adhesives.
• Preparing metal surfaces for primers & paint.
• Cleaning unfinished tile, stone, cement, and brick mortar.
• Removing old paint and finishes from wood.
• Cleaning & Sanding wood turnings, railings, banisters, trim & molding.
• Rounding and blending edges, cutouts and joinings.

Convenient Shapes & Sizes
• 3” & 4” Mandrel Mounted Wheel Brushes, ideal for getting into crevices and contours.
• 4” Mandrel Mounted Flapwheel Brush, ideal for working on edges, ends and trim.
• 2-1/2” Mandrel Mounted Cup Brush, ideal for working on large flat surfaces.
• 3/4” Mandrel Mounted End Brush, ideal for spot work & getting into hard to reach areas.
• 5”, 6” & 8” Wheel Brushes for use on 1/2 arbor bench grinders.



Dico Buffing Wheels

Superior Quality Buffing Wheels - 100% coton cloth for consistant performance. Hand turned for greater durability and uniform wear. Tight looped stitching for longer life. Combined face for easy compound application. Unique arbor adapting flanges for greater versitility.

• Spiral Sewn Buffs
• Cushion Sewn Buffs
• Loose Sewn Buffs
• Canton Flannel Buffs - Sisal Buffs
• Fray-Ryte Buffs
• Felt Wheels
• Mini-Buffs - Mandrel Mounted Buffs
• Goblet Buffs
• Buffing Wheel Display
• Assorted Mini-Buff Kits




Dico Bonnets, Compounding & Buffing Pads

Dico Buffs with the “orange thread” are made to exact specifications for consistency in quality.

• Lambs Wool Tie-On Bonnets
• Synthetic Tie-On Bonnets
• Terry Cloth Bonnets - Foam Bonnets
• Hook & Loop Polishing Bonnets

• Double-Sided Compound Pad
• Double-Sided Finishing Pad
• Bolt on Compund Pads
• Hook & Loop Backed Compounding Pads
• Hook & Loop Backed Polishing Pads


Dico Compounds & Abrasives

Maximum abrasive content for fast action. Uniformly blended for consistent performance. Conveniently color coded. Each composition is specifically formulated to produce superior results for specific applications.

• Compound Tubes
• Jumbo Compound Tubes
• Compound Bricks
• Compound Assortment(444)
• Greaseless Compound


Dico Sanding, Polishing & Power Tool Accessories

• Polishing and Sanding Kit
• Surface Conditioning Discs
• Terry Cloth Applicators
• Xtra Life Abrasive Cleaner

• Switch-n-Lock Drill Mount
• Proflex 5000 Flexible Shaft
• Ready/Use Mandrel Adapters
• Tapered Spindle
• Rake with Handle
• Backing Plates
• Flanges
• Denim Apron


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